Yogalotus Sophie Coats about me


what I do

There are many definitions of yoga. For me my practice is about the return to the centre, the centre of my being, a journey of awareness both mental, physical and emotional. It is a practice that combines the physical (asana) with the movement of the breath (pranayama) and meditation. This practice has transformed my life.

I first came across yoga in India in 1988 when I studied Hatha Yoga with Ambu in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. Over the years I have studied with many inspirational teachers and explored different systems of yoga. I have been greatly influenced by the heart opening practice of Anusara yoga, the precision of Iyengar, the connection between breath and movement in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga and the deeply restorative benefits of Satya Yoga and Body Mind Ballwork.

I decided to train as a Yoga Teacher after a skiing accident & knee surgery in 2004. Yoga was a vital part of my recovery process and it was then that I truly appreciated on a much deeper level the profound effects of yoga on the mind, body and spirit.

My debt of gratitude:

My practice is firmly grounded in the principals of Ansurara Yoga. I remain grateful to this life affirming, heart orientated practice and for the teachers I have studied with over the years, in particular Bridget Woods Kramer. Today, I continue my studies with Iyengar yoga and pranayama with Alaric Newcombe which has taken my practice to new levels and depth of being. In the field of yoga therapeutics I am deeply grateful to the inspirational work of Ellen Saltonstall and her Body Mind Ballwork learning about releasing fascial tension in the body and new ways to open up the body and heal from injuries. For several years now I have studied with Tias Little and Prajna yoga. I am currently on the three year Satya Training learning studying somatic awareness and how this can deeply nurture, nourish and heal the body.